Benjamin Junghans

director and composer for stage, screen and radio

script, direction, soundtrack

now here (to be found)

Film, 43 min, Academy for Performing Arts and Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg 2022, Trailer

Caligari Prize 2020; SHORTS – Trinational Film Festival of the University of Applied Sciences Offenburg 2023

In a world without distances Toni and Tony share every moment on the phone. But to make sure they’re actually still there they have to find a place that is unknown to the virtual map: an inconceivable here.

direction, sound design


by Maya Arad Yasur

Performance, 1h 40 min, Theater Ulm 2023
  • nominated for the Ulm Theatre Prize

Amsterdam, Keizersgracht 289. Home of a young Israeli Violinist. One morning she finds a letter in her mail: an unpaid gas bill from 1944. If this is not an indelicate prank from one of her neighbours, something must have happened in her appartment. Four performers go on a search for Identity and Accountability: someone has to pay that bill. But who?



by Nick Hornby

Performance, 1h 10 min, Eduard-von-Winterstein-Theater Annaberg-Buchholz 2023
  • Sächsisches Theaterfreffen 2022

Dave, a doorman, has taken on a new job at the museum: he is to guard a painting that must be seen as a provocation by some viewers. Although he is initially repulsed by it himself, he is in turn so repulsed by those who criticise it that he defends it passionately against all attacks. But at the centre of a scandal, his own feelings become the instrument of destruction in the blink of an eye.


Am Königsweg

by Elfriede Jelinek

Four-Chanal-Livestream, 1 h 40 min, Theater Ulm 2020

The time of Trump is over, but will reality ever be real again? Live from the basement stage and corridors of Theater Ulm, experience a royal reality show from four different, simultaneous, perspectives. You decide which point of view you want to follow - and no one can see everything. Everyone experiences a different part of reality, a different story, but also a different truth? »Each of us has our facts and everyone else has got their facts as well.« The lack of distinction between fact and fiction, pop, politics and populism in the Trump era has turned the world stage in an unpredictable reality show. But the king himself is more of a symptom than the cause of an alarming shift in public discourse.

direction & photography

Basis of Life

Macro-Documentary, 15 min, Kollision der Künste Bischofswerda 2020

How many stories can the pvc- and parquet flooring, the carpets, tiles, the paving and garden stones tell? What underlies life, or forms its basis, in a small town in eastern Saxony? Surfaces and the underneath: the camera explores in extreme close-ups the textures and structures of all sorts of undergrounds, while local voices introduce us to their stories and histories. Close-ups beyond recognition raise the question of what distance we need to discern something clearly. Between story and history is the poetry of anecdotes - sometimes lost in the fabric of political historiography.

script, direction, music

Protective Contact

Radio Play, 15 min, SWR and Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg 2019

18. Leipziger Hörspielsommer; Deutschlandfunk Kultur, Kurzstrecke 99

In electrical engineering, protective contact guarantees safety. Between lovers, however, protective contact doesn’t offer the same guarantee. But love and electrical engineering do have other things in common: their liveness, our fear of being shocked by them and the consequences of their failures. An electrician explains.


Operation Hamlet

Performance based on Shakespeare’s Hamlet, 50 min, Academy of Performing Arts Baden-Württemberg 2019

A young generation decides to no longer accept their parents’ faults. They have a mission: to be or not to be - there’s no question about that! The world is out of joint and Operation Hamlet is ready to sort it out. But how far can you go to convince the doubtful? The means of peaceful activism are limited. You have to be drastic in order to push things further. Balancing between performance and activism we turned Shakespearean quotes into Fridays-for-Future protest slogans, and took the protest from there back onto the stage.

script & performance


Solostück, 1 h, Akademie für Darstellende Kunst Baden-Württemberg 2018

Körber Studio Junge Regie 2019, Greizer Theaterherbst 2020

»That’s how it goes. With bigger and smaller losses.« is how I was once comforted. The farewell, the absence and the void: is this where I unfold? Can loss also be a liberty, a longing and maybe even a form of love? Tonight I’m going to gather all the things I’ve lost. I’ll sum up their value, print the receipt, the total of all that’s gone, the preliminary bill of my losing business.

script, direction, soundtrack


Short film, 30 min, Filmacademy Baden-Württemberg 2018
  • Prize for outstanding cinematography at the Bundesfestival junger Film

16th Mitteldeutsches Kurzfilmfestival kurzsüchtig; 31st Filmfest Dresden; 48th International Student Filmfestival sehsüchte; Open Eyes Marburg

Germany as a small family that's reached middle age. Mother, father and daughter long in the wasteland of certainties for a catastrophe to liberate them from their rigid lives. But change does not necessarily mean endings. We can reject the logic of destruction. Being alive does not have to be all about dying.